Annual Programs

Cultural Month Celebrations
OMSA coordinates monthlong celebrations such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and more. The series of university activities offered by students, faculty, and staff includes workshops, lectures, and performances.

Download Cultural History Month calendars

Intercultural Festival
This annual event is held in April. The festival brings together diverse ethnic groups to highlight their cultures through dance, dress, ethnic food and other forms of cultural displays.

Kwanzaa Celebration
OMSA and the Black Caucus co-sponsor this annual program focusing on Kwanzaa, the African-American/Pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community and culture from December 26 – January 1.

Ongoing Programs

Courageous Conversations
This monthly forum provides a structured environment for stimulating discussions about topics of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity.

Cultural Excursion Series
These field trips to museums, plays and other cultural events offer students opportunities to learn about a wide variety of cultures.

Diversity Ambassadors
The VCU Diversity Student Ambassador Program is for students that are dedicated to serving and representing the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, its programs, and its mission. Diversity Student Ambassadors selected will help host official functions, VIP events, and act as student liaisons to various communities/units the office serves.

Diversity Film Series
The Diversity Film Series is designed to offer films that reflect the full spectrum of issues related to multiculturalism, i.e. racism, sexism, culture, LGBT issues, etc.

Hump Day Intercultural Dialogue Series
Intercultural dialogue is a process that comprises an open and respectful exchange or interaction between individuals, groups and organizations with different cultural backgrounds or world views. Among its aims are: to develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices; to increase participation and the freedom and ability to make choices; to foster equality; and to enhance creative processes. The theme for this year’s series will focus on Micro-aggressions and the role they play in our lives.

LGBT Social Network Group
This group will offer lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students a place to discuss gender and sexual identity exploration within a safe and supportive atmosphere. All are welcome, especially first year students and those new to the LGBT community. This is not a therapy group.

Men and Women of Color Discussion Groups
Discussions groups are designed to inspire, encourage, and support self-identified students of color by providing a platform for engaging dialogue. Students of color often have unique experiences, but lack opportunities for meaningful discussion surrounding these experiences. Discussion groups create a safe space in which participants can communicate openly about common concerns, coping strategies, and appropriate resources.

The OMSA Student Advisory Board exists to support OMSA’s mission by advocating for all underrepresented students at the University. Board members play an important role in shaping policies and procedures at OMSA, as well as representing their constituents in meetings with a variety of Campus & Student Affairs Administrators.  Applications will be available online the last week of September.