Multicultural Connection Advisement Program (MCAP)

The Multicultural Connection Advisement Program (MCAP) is a valuable opportunity for incoming underrepresented students to enhance their collegiate experience at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) through mentoring, academic enrichment, and leadership development opportunities. The program helps students make the transition from either high school or another college to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) as smooth as possible. The mentoring program strives to create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety and promotes positive attitudes and fosters a learning environment in order to successfully increase the retention rate of new students.

Our MCAP core values are:

-Mentoring: To provide incoming students opportunities to build connections with OMSA peer mentors, faulty, and staff.

-Academic Enrichment: To provide incoming minority students academic resources and academic workshops to increase student retention rates.

-Leadership Development: To build and develop the next group of diverse student leaders at VCU.