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Our most common requests include the following topics but please let us know if you have any other ideas.

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Building Inclusive Communities

This presentation provides an overview of diversity and inclusion concepts and strategies to exhibit inclusive behaviors and practices. Concepts such as diversity vs. inclusion, privilege, bias, and microaggressions will be discussed.

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Cross Cultural Dialogues

This presentation focuses on strategies for having effective dialogues across difference. Concepts such as the importance of intent vs. impact, content triggers, and exhibiting empathy and active listening will be discussed.

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Facilitating Difficult Conversations

This presentation focuses on how to effectively facilitate dialogues and presentations about diversity, inclusion, and social justice topics that may be "hot button" or controversial topics. Concepts such as outlining discussion/presentation goals, being vulnerable, "reading the room" and strategies for dealing with angry/sad/overly verbose participants will be addressed.

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Implicit Bias

This presentation addresses implicit (unconscious) bias and discusses how bias may impact our perceptions, behaviors, and actions. How bias may impact our perceptions about gender and race will be discussed. Strategies for recognizing and addressing discriminatory behaviors related to bias will be outlined.

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