Advise Student Organizations

Assist students with leadership and helps groups to make effective decisions in term of budget, programming and activities, appropriate parliamentary procedures, and organizational functioning.

  • Afghan Student Organization
  • African Student Union
  • Arab Student Association
  • Arabic Club
  • Asian American Student Union
  • Bangladeshi Student Organization
  • Black Caucus
  • Black Student Union
  • Chinese Student Association
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association
  • Egyptian Student Association in North America
  • Eritrean Student Association
  • Ethiopian Student Union
  • Filipino Americans Coming Together
  • Free Punjab
  • French Club
  • German Club
  • Indian Student Association
  • Iranian Culture Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Korean Students at VCU
  • Korean Unity Gathering
  • Kuwaiti Student Organization
  • Latino Student Association
  • NAACP at VCU
  • Nepalese Student Association
  • Persian American Students
  • Polish Student Association
  • Russian Club
  • South Asian Student Association
  • STAND at VCU
  • Sudanese Student Organization
  • Tiranga- Indian Nationals at VCU
  • Turkish Student Association
  • Vietnamese Student Association

You may find these and other student organizations on MyORGS@VCU.